To get the best results start by color correcting your footage with the proper exposure, white balance and contrast. 

Then, when applying one LUT to your footage, first turn the opacity/intensity of the LUT to 0% and then slowly start increasing it.


When you feel like you’ve gotten the desired result that you’re looking for, stop increasing the opacity/intensity.

If you see that your image is looking too cool or warm when applying the LUT, you can make a simple white balance correction on your footage in order to fix this issue.  The same principle applies to exposure as well. If you see that your image is starting to look too bright or dark, you can make a simple exposure adjustment on your footage in order to fix this.

If you don't know how to install LUTs into your video editing software of choice, you can simply do a YouTube search. Simply type “how to install luts in ​your editing software​”.

NOTE: These LUTs are optimized for "NORMAL/REC709" footage. To use these LUTs on "LOG" footage you should convert your "LOG" footage to "NORMAL/REC709" footage first and then apply the desired LUT.


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Ich freue mich, CINE LUTS ankündigen zu können, also habe ich neben dem Bild ein neues Paket mit 4 LUT erstellt. Was Ihnen hilft, Ihren Prozess noch weiter zu beschleunigen. Auf diese Weise müssen Sie nicht viele Farbänderungen und Korrekturen vornehmen, ich sehe dünner und dünner aus. Verbessern Sie Ihr Cinematic-Spiel sofort und bewerten Sie Ihre Filme mit Farbe wie ein Profi!

The LUTs You’ll Get:

- Cine Dramatic
- Cine Teal&Orange
- Cinematica
- Creamy

3,99 €

 File Size 9.30 MB
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